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IGNOU Passing Marks Out 100, 70, 50: [225 Courses] Pass Percentage

Everyone knows, IGNOU Passing Marks, in theory, is 40 out of 100 & in assignments is 50 out of 100. But, what if you’ll need to calculate it from 70 or 75 or 50?

Also, what If you’ll need to calculate it for MEG, MA, BCom, MEC, MAPC, MCom. Also, how do we know what is passing marks for IGNOU Practical Exams? But no need to worry now. As below here, in details, your every doubt will be cleared.IGNOU Passing Marks

IGNOU Passing Marks Out 100, 70, 50: [225 Courses] Pass Percentage & Rate: Merit List | Mark Sheet, B.Com, BBA, BA, M.Com, B.Sc, M.Sc, Meg, MEC, MAPC etc. IGNOU was initiated in 1985.

IGNOU Passing Marks 2017-2018 – Result Cut Off | Merit List | Mark Sheet: Indira Gandhi National Open University B.Com, BBA, BA, M.Com, B.Sc, M.Sc Passing Marks. The University offers admission into numerous UG and PG program.

IGNOU Wikipedia – Admission process brief details.These major courses are presented in the field of management, science, education, and much more.

The 2017-2018 Passing Marks cut off the list will be accessible through via online. Students can check here to look for entire details about the IGNOU 2017-2018 Passing Marks.

IGNOU Passing Marks Out 100, 70, 50: [225 Courses] Pass Percentage

The Passing Marks in IGNOU challenge out of 100 is 40 in concept and for assignments you have to score above 50% IGNOU Passing Marks way out of one hundred you have to at least get 50 marks.  

If you get 40 in principle method you skip in your situation you don’t have to seem for the exam again without assignments IGNOU Passing Marks added you are the pass.

Last Updated on 7th December 2017: IGNOU Admission Last Date Latest News

IGNOU Admission Last Date

However, in case you get underneath 50 in assignments you’re failed in Assignments and you need to post assignments again. Get More Details About IGNOU Placement 2017-2018 as per institutional conditions. 

Here, you can find the qualifying| IGNOU Passing marks for MBA course:

  • General – 50%
  • Reserved – 45%

Here, you can find the last year cut off marks for B.Ed course. The authorized minimum Required Marks will be offered whenever it proclaimed by the University.

  • OBC – 60-57
  • General – 78-61
  • Schedule Tribe IGNOU 2017-2018 Passing Marks – 53-52
  • Schedule Caste – 60-54
  • PH- 75-50

Indira Gandhi National Open University Passing Marks | Marksheet @ www.ignou.ac.in

The IGNOU Passing Marks situation out of 50 is 18.  In case you get 18 in principle way you are a bypass in your problem you ought not to appear for examination again without IGNOU assignment marks added your skip.

As per Two Sessions – IGNOU June 2017-2018 Application status starts soon.

A passing marks IGNOU certificate is issued through a university before the unique certificates as a tentative certificate. You can use these passing certificates to apply for diverse posts till you get your authentic. IGNOU affords IGN passing marks certificates after the statement of the final result.

After you get your passing marks certificates, you get a letter from university to gather your original certificate from the college or you could request university to ship your original certificate to you place.

You could get your original certificate after few months of the declaration of your the final result.

IGNOU Passing Marks 2017-2018 – Result Cut Off | Merit List | Mark Sheet

As quickly as you skip out any IGNOU December 2017-2018 examination, you are supplied with a Passing – certificates which must reach to you at your particular address within 40 days after the announcement of the result.

This passing certificate is legitimate for the entire relevant motive. You may practice for an activity on the power of this certificate.

Even you can take in any path and in order to reveal your eligibility standards, you could produce the Passing certificate. Authentic certificate takes around nine months to reach your destination if you have indicated correct postal- address.

If Aspirants facing problem Regarding IGNOU Passing Marks 2017-2018 – Result Cut Off | Merit List | Mark Sheet may opt IGNOU Login OR Ask problems in the comment box. 


  1. I got 32 marks in the mfn002 (nutritional biochemistry) out of 75 in the grade card and assignment also have 65 marks but the status of this subject is still not completed.what I should do

    • I got 21 marks in MEC02 out of 1000 and assignments I got 55 marks. The status is still showing incomplete. I just wanted to know what is the passing marks i.e. total. I want to clarify wether I have to give a re-examiantion.

      • Please provide the minimum marks for pass out in MHD 1ST YEAR. For eg in theory 20 marks but in assignment get 50 and above. There have any probability to pass.

    • Hello Savita,
      There are chances that grade card has not been updated from the side of officials yet.

      Solution – Wait. And, keep visiting the official website to check your grade cards regularly.

    • Don’t waste time
      Please contact study center or regional center…

  2. i got just pass 33 marks in cbse maths can i study bsc maths from ignou overall class 12% is 59.2%

  3. I have got 80 in my assignment and 27 in theory in paper 4 of MEG course….
    Still the status is showing Not Completed
    Can u plz make me understand this thing

    • Hello Saumya,
      There are chances that grade card has not been updated from the side of officials yet.

      Solution – Wait. And, keep visiting the official website to check your grade cards regularly.

      • In regards to above query, please tell me what is the marks needed to pass MEG01 TEE, I mean out of 100 minimum how much is needed.

        • Team myIGNOUguide

          Hello Shamv,
          If you secure 50 marks in assignment and 40 marks in TEE (Term End Theory), then result will look like – 50 x 0.3 + 40 x 0.7 = 15 marks of assignment + 28 marks in theory exams = 43 marks in total.

    • hlo i got 17 out of 50 is it qualifying or not

  4. Hloo sir I got 36/marks in mpse04 sir plz confirm me is that pass ….

  5. i got 35 out of 100 in theory and 70 in assignment in EHI 02. Please tell me i m pass or fail. if fail then how to fill re exam form?

  6. Narayan bhairavi sabale

    Sir / mam my MPs turned exam june 2017 not showing yet what I will do ? Pz give suggestion

    • Hello Narayan,
      Still, results of all the subjects are not updated. June term end exam results are continously getting updated.

      Solution – Keep visiting result website continously.

  7. hlo sir. i got 49 marks in ibo o3 bt result is showing not complete in ibo o3 pls confirm it my result is
    clr or not

  8. I have got 18 out if 50 for statics theory paper and 62,for assignment.. am i passed or failed?…it is showing not completed… pks reply

    • Hello Chinchu,
      If subject highest marks are 50 then you need to score at least 18 or 20 depends on the subject.
      Not completed can be there because of any of the two reasons –
      1. Grade Card may not be updated yet.
      2. You need to work on that subject again.

  9. Sir my course code is MAEDU ,ENROLL NO 156519674 …..I appeared Ist year exam papers i.e mes 011 ,mes 012,mes 013, mes 014.mes o15 mes 016 .my papers are cleared or not


  11. I got 26 out of 50 in eco 09 and 59 out of 100 in assignments…so where i am lacking…in my grade card its showing dt this subject is not completed…

    • Hello Manjeet,
      Following IGNOU Passing Marks strategy, if you think you’re passed.
      Then there could be a legit problem with IGNOU Grade Card may not be updated yet.
      The only solution is to wait for some time.
      And, please let us know if your problem is not solved within a week or so.



    I got 48 in assignments and 57 in theory but the result shows completed for 1st year of MA Pol Sci.
    So what is the result exactly.

  13. sir I got 35 /100 in meg 05 .please confirme me that I am pass or not and what are minimum mark is required to pass in meg exam

  14. Sir What r the minimum score to pass in MPs exam both theory and assignment

  15. Sir/Madam my enrolment No. in BA Sociology is 082073729 and i passed out in December 2016. As per the IGNOU norms passing out certificates and marksheets be sent to the concern within 49 days or within 9months time. But till now IGNOU did not send me my passing out original certificate and Marksheet. However i hardly get admission into MA from my state university (Manipur University) which is a central university. But i am almost completing my MA as well. But the problem is that if i cannot produce my BA original certificates my result will be with held. So please your timely advice is highly needed urgently. The information may kindly be send to my email address thomaskipgen709@gmail(.)com

  16. i want to give my examination of december 2017 in june 2018 and term ends in december 2018 .. if i do so then my term end examinations will be in december 2018 or june 2019

  17. What is the passing marks in m.a education from ignou. Tell me plz…

  18. What is the passing marks in m.a education from ignou

  19. sir i got 36 in theory and 75 in assingment and also it show completed so am pass or not

  20. क्या बी.एड.वालो को जन्म से लेकर मृत्यु तक पढना पडेगा। बी.एड.वालो का कोई भविष्य नही है। पढते २ सारी आयु निकल जायेगी।

  21. sir/ma’am i got 37 in assignment . can i resubmit my assigment i am from the cours of MAAN

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